Umbilicoplasty ( Belly Button Surgery )

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Umbilicoplasty ( Belly Button Surgery )

Belly button surgery, also known as navel creation surgery, is a cosmetic procedure performed for modifying the appearance of the existing navel or creating a new belly button. Medically known as umbilicoplasty surgery, it is often done as a part of abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, it demands surgical expertise. There are some people who get their belly button revised for other reasons too. Irrespective of what your reason is to undergo this surgery, we make sure that you get the best results. We are COSMECTO associated with some of the leading umbilicoplasty surgeons of New Delhi, India. We schedule an appointment for patients who want to undergo this surgery.

The primary goal of this surgical procedure is to create a belly button that appears close to a natural belly button. The new discovered navel would have a slightly hooded appearance along with soft contours that appear natural.


You might be the right candidate for this procedure if:

  • You have a badly shaped navel ring since the time of birth
  • You do not have a visible belly button
  • You have a bulge consequential to hernia
  • You want to change shape, position and size of contour
  • You have excess skin or unsightly wrinkles
  • Your belly button is abnormally shaped because of weight loss
  • Different types of umbilicus

    Umbilicus refers to the belly button while plasty has meanings of the grafting, formation or reconstruction of something. The belly button is formed at the time of birth and the scar left by the umbilical cord was fundamental in keeping a person alive in the mother of the womb. Conventionally, the scar left ftom the cutting of the umbilical cord is of two types – either an outie or innie thus explaining the reason why navel buttons are of different sizes, shapes and depths. There is a variation in the location, size, depth and shape of the umbilicus on the basis of the tone of the adjoining muscle, ethnicity, fat distribution around the surrounding areas and the after effects of pregnancy on the basis of the how the umbilical cord.

    Why undergo belly button surgery?

    In recent years, popularity of umbilicoplasty has increased like never before. With the change in fashion, there has emerged new trends to wear crop tops and low cut skirts that expose the belly button. It is primarily because of this reason that many people want to reshape the appearance of their navel ring. The unusual and unsightly shape and size of the belly button can be a reason for embarrassment. Generally, an innie is more attractive and appealing than outie because of its tighter and smaller appearance. Listed below are some of the most common reasons for people to opt for bellybutton surgery

    • Elongated or flat navels that some people want to have rounder. There are many believe that circular belly button has younger look to it than a flatter and longer navel.
    • Either badly shaped navel from birth or no belly button at all, or as a result of some faulty surgery or any kind of trauma in the past
    • A belly button that is hidden by folds of wrinkles or flesh, shifted to one side or sticks out
    • A small hernia that may stick out a small lump next to the navel ring

    If you are considering this surgery then we can help you consult the best umbilicoplasty surgeons. The cost of the procedure varies from person to person. Whether you want to undergo outie or innie belly button surgery, you can get to know about the cost by consulting the cosmetic surgeon who has experience and expertise in performing this surgical procedure.