Tissue Expanders

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Tissue Expanders

At COSMECTO, we are associated with cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who have experience and expertise in performing tissue expanders procedure. In recent years, an increasing number of people have benefitted from this treatment. We are here to assist you in locating the cosmetic surgeons who have been offering tissue expanders treatment for last many years.

When it comes to tissue expanders in surgery, it is a special method that is used by plastic and cosmetic surgeons for cosmetic surgery procedures. The special technique has proved to be of great help in reconstruction of skin after traumatic problems or for correcting the size and shape for cosmetic reasons. When you choose us, you can be assured to consult the cosmetic surgeons who perform this treatment using the latest and advanced techniques at the world-class facilities so that results are beyond satisfaction.

How tissues expanders in plastic surgery help?

Reconstruction of skin becomes essential after traumatic disorders such as burns or accidents, after major and crucial surgeries of cancer and even if case of aesthetic or cosmetic reconstruction like breast augmentation or breast lift. The tissue expanders in the natural form is limited and thus cosmetic surgeons use tissue expander technique for generating well-matched tissues that could bring back the size and shape of the body in the most natural way possible.

Although there are many cosmetic surgeons who claim to have the expertise in performing this treatment, we schedule an appointment with specialists so that you can get the most effective results for cosmetic reconstruction such as breast enlargement and correction. Usually, breast reconstruction is performed in different steps and tissues expanders are inserted in the first step in the breast right behind the chest muscle. Gradually, these tissue expanders are filled with saline water. In the next step, the cosmetic surgeon replaces the tissue expenders with the breast implant that is best for the patient.

How tissue expanders surgery help?

Tissue expanders are used across the cosmetic surgery clinics because of the effectiveness in terms of regaining the size and shape of the body parts that are as close to the normal condition. In addition to cosmetic surgeries, tissue expanders also help in correction of post-burn contractions of the neck, post-crash injuries and post-burns scars of the face, and several other types of injuries. Although it is a slow procedure, it is safe and effective too.

Reasons to opt for tissue expanders:

Listed below are some of the most common reasons for using tissue expanders.

  • They need less time for healing
  • The healing is fast and scars are smaller when tissue expanders are used
  • They provide better reconstruction and almost normal recovery
  • Also, the amount of pain and discomfort is much less when compared to other methods
  • This particular service for cosmetic treatments has been used for last many years and there are many people who are satisfied and happy with the results of this special technique. It is an easy and efficient method that can bring a dramatic change in the life of many people. Several studies and researches have been performed on the effectiveness as well as post-surgery complication of tissue expander and it has been found that it is one of the fastest and safest techniques of tissue generation.

    Tissue expander helps in growing extra skin through controlled mechanical overstretch. The thickness, quality, color and texture is similar to the tissues of the natural skin. The cosmetic surgeons use this technique for creating additional skin with perfect match of the natural appearance and for repairing damages consequential to several reasons.

    If you are thinking about the cost of tissue expander treatment then the best way to find out about it is consulting the cosmetic surgeon. Just let us know your concerns and we will schedule an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon.