Thigh Lift

There are many people whose upper legs become problematic as they age while others find that their thigh remain stubborn to the diet and exercise after significant weight loss. Excess skin, fat and cellulite can accumulate on your thighs making you appear older, heavier and led fir and attractive than your actual age. Also, the presence of sagging skin on the thighs can make people feel self-conscious about their overall look. While some people are able to achieve good results with healthy diet and exercise, others find it impossible or even difficult to tone their thighs.

If this is also your condition then you have landed at the right place. We are COSMECTO providing people much-needed guidance for thigh lift surgery through our panel of some of the leading and renowned cosmetic surgeons in Delhi. Thigh lift is the best solution for achieving attractive and firmer upper legs. The procedure is the ideal choice for those who struggle with excess, loose skin consequential to massive weight loss. Medically known as thighplasty, it helps in removing excess tissue, fat and skin to refine and tone the upper legs.

There are multiple methods available to perform this procedure. The cosmetic surgeon customizes the entire procedure to the precise specification of each individual patient. The entire surgical procedure will be personalized in line with the needs and goals of a patient.

Candidacy for thigh lift surgery

Listed below are a few reasons why you might want to undergo a thighplasty procedure:

  • The effects of ageing have led to loose skin, cellulite and sagging on your thighs.
  • Clothes fail to fit properly because of heavy thighs.
  • Although you have succeeded in reducing body but area around your thighs need to be improved. You want shapely thighs reflecting more toned and proportional figure.
  • The appearance of your thighs make you feel self-conscious and you wish to reinstate self-assurance regarding your body.

How is thigh lift surgery performed?

Inner or medial thigh lift – An incision is made in the groin region and excess skin and fat are removed along the inner aspect of the thigh. It is not necessary that liposuction is required in this surgery. The area from the groin to the knee is then re-contoured and the procedure is repeated for the other thigh. In case a more substantial wedge of the tissue is excised then the procedure is termed as a thighplasty.

Outer or lateral thigh lift – This is relatively a more complex surgery. In this procedure, even buttocks and the outer thighs are re-contoured and involve removal of more tissue. Scarring is highly sensitive and the skin becomes less-elastic post-surgery, thus weight should be maintained.

These are the two available options for this surgical procedure. a though medical history, physical examination and a discussion with the cosmetic surgeon would help in determining whether you are the right candidate for lateral or medial thigh some cases, patients benefit from the combination of lower body lift.

How will be the thigh lift scars and incisions be like?

Medial thigh lift – As mentioned above, the incisions are made in the groin area. For patients who need more substantial elimination of excess skin, a longitudinal incision might be made along the inner thigh.

Lateral thigh lift – On the basis of the requirements of a lateral thigh lift, the incisions will be made from the groin and extend to the hip and chances are that a buttock fold incision would be included as well. The cosmetic surgeon would try to make the incisions where the scars can be easily hidden by clothing. However, incisions in this procedure are more extensive than a thigh lift.

When it comes to the thigh lift surgery cost in India, it varies from doctor to doctor and individual goals and needs of patients. However, you can be assured that cost of the procedure in India is relatively affordable than other countries.

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