Tendon Repair

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Tendon Repair

Tendon repair is a surgical procedure performed for repairing damaged tendons. The tendons are cord like structures that are made of strong fibrous connective tissues that connects the muscles to bones. Elbow, wrist, hand, ankle joints and knee are some of the most common affected areas by tendon injuries. The primary goal of this procedure is to repair or restore the normal function of the joints following a tendon laceration.

Tendon repair flexor

There are two types of tendons that run on the palm side in every finger. These tendons go down in a narrows down the tunnel. While the first tendon runs to the fingertips and bends the joint at the end, the second tendon runs to the middle bone bending the first finger joint. If either one or both tendons are injured or cut, a person can never bend his finger.

Tendon repair extensor

The Achilles tendon function is to join the underneath of the muscle to the heel behind the ankle. This tendon allows pointing out the foot either raises up or down the heel. The problem of this type of tendon rupture happens in men between their forties and fifties while playing sports such as squash or badminton. If the tendon is not treated timely then a person can never bend his foot down with strength again. This problem can make it difficult to go upstairs or stand on tiptoes.

Shoulder Tendon repair (Rotator Cuff)

The main function of the rotator cuff is to make the arm move. It is the collection of several tendons over the shoulder top. The main reason behind the torn tendon can be a tendon rubbing against the bone located above. If a person has a torn or injured rotator then he or she would find it difficult to move arm because of the pangs of pain. The other problem can be difficulty in lifting the affected arm above the height of shoulder.

Achilles tendon rupture

Achilles tendon that is heel cord rupture occurs when a person experiences sharp pain on the lower leg or at the back of the ankle. In fact, this problem can even make it difficult for a person to walk. The person feels that he has either kicked or shot badly. It is the overstretching of the tendon that can trigger its rupture or tear. The tear occurs above the heel bone of a person however the tear can take place anywhere along the tendon. The rupture could be either complete or partial. The surgical repair is needed for healing the tendon rupture.

How is tendon repair surgery formed?

During tendon repair surgery, a general anesthesia is given to the patient depending on the degree of the tendon injury or location. With sectional anesthesia, it is only the injured part of the nerves that is anesthetized. In general anesthesia, a patient remains unconscious throughout the surgery. In case of bounded anesthesia, the slit part of is anesthetized. Once the skin has been anesthetized, an antiseptic solution is applied for sanitizing the body area where the surgery has to be performed and is covered with a clean drape. The cosmetic surgeon then marks the injured tendons and makes incisions over it. The torn or injured ends of the tendons are stitched together. If tendons are injured or damaged gravely then tendon grafts is needed. In this surgical procedure, a piece or part of the uninjured tendon is taken from foot or any other body part and used for repairing the damaged tendons. Then the tendons are re-attached to the surrounding connective tissues if the need be.

Cost of the tendon repair surgery

When it comes to the cost of the tendon repair surgery, you can be assured of finding a cosmetic surgeon who offers the entire treatment at an affordable price. Our associated cosmetic surgeons suggest the price after performing a thorough medical examination of a patient.