Inverted Nipple Correction

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Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipples are common among both men and women. It has been found at least one in ten is affected from this condition. If you are suffering from this condition then you are at the right place. We are ABC, a name you can rely on if you are considering undergoing inverted nipple correction surgery. We are based in Delhi and associated with some of the leading and renowned cosmetic surgeons. It is a simple procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia and takes only thirty minutes.

Causes of inverted nipples

The main cause of inverted nipple is an imbalance between the traction of the muscle within the nipple that pulls it outwards and the inward traction of the milk ducts. This particular muscle contracts when you are cold producing much greater prominence of the nipple. If the inward tethering of the shortened, tight milk ducts is greater compared to the force exerted by the muscles within the nipple, inversion of nipple would occur.

Are you considering undergoing this surgical procedure?

Before you decide to undergo knife for correcting inverted nipples, we suggest you to consider treatment options which can help in inverted nipple correction without surgery. Many people are not aware that there are several non-invasive treatment options available for correcting this condition. For example, pipette device, you should spare out time and find out about these options first. However, upon examination, if the surgeon diagnosis that inversion is permanent then the surgery is the only way to reverse the problem.

How is the surgery performed?

It is a minor procedure and is performed under local anesthesia. Only if a patient requests otherwise that the surgeon performs it under general anesthesia. All it takes is nearly fifteen to twenty minutes to treat each nipple. Thus, there is very possibility that you might be able to get the entire procedure done within an hour or so.

In this surgical procedure, an incision is made around nipple and separating or dividing the ducts so that nipple can sit naturally. Soluble stitches are used in this surgery at the base of every nipple to hold its new position while it is healing.

It is a common cosmetic procedure with little risks associated with it. In most cases, patients are happy and pleased with the results of this surgery. as far as recovery is considered, you might feel discomfort and majority of patients can resume work within three-four days of the surgery. the entire procedure is straight-forward and in a matter of a few weeks, you will not be able to realize you ever had inverted nipples.

Is it possible to breastfeed after undergoing inverted nipple correction surgery?

Just as it was possible to breastfeed with inverted nipple condition, it is very much possible to breastfeed after the procedure. However, it is important to know that it entirely depends on the technique of the surgeon. This, if you plan to breastfeed after nipple inversion correction surgery, make sure that you discuss the technique with the surgeon before going ahead with it.

If your inversion is Grade 1 then the cosmetic surgeon would correct nipples by simply stretching the milk ducts. In this case, your milk ducts would remain open and be able to convey milk from the breast glands to the nipple making it possible for you to breastfeed.

However, if you are suffering from either Grade 2 or 3 inverted nipples then the cosmetic surgeon has to divide the milk ducts for correcting the inversion. Thus if your milk ducts are separated then there is no intact channel from the breast glands that would produce milk to your nipple, thus, you will not be able to breastfeed.

Thus, it is always a good idea to fully discuss the treatment options with the cosmetic surgeon at the time of consultation to see what can work best for you.