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Mommy Makeover

There is no doubt that the arrival of a newborn in the family brings along bundles of joy and happiness. It is one of the most fulfilling experienced for any women. Well, the birth of a newborn brings joy not only to the mother, but also to other family members. However, some women often feel self-conscious about the effects that pregnancy leaves on their bodies. The stretching of the skin on the thighs, breasts and abdomen and other body parts at the time of pregnancy can cause stretch marks, sagging and isolated deposits of fat.

If you are also experiencing the same then there is a way to counteract these changes by opting to undergo for Mommy Makeover Surgery. It is a combination of post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery, cellulite removal and skin treatment. We are COSMECTO, your one-stop address for cosmetic surgery procedures. We are working in close association with some of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who have expertise in performing Mommy makeover surgery.

The combination of procedures used in mommy makeover surgery can address undesirable physical effects of the pregnancy that cannot be reversed through exercise and diet. Mommy makeover procedures are personalized treatment plans and your cosmetic surgeon would help in selecting the best procedures as per your body needs. It is important for you to know that none of the procedures aim at weight loss, following the Mommy Makeover surgery, you can enjoy a much younger and sleeker figure that might resemble your post-pregnancy body.

Who is the right candidate for this procedure?

There are several factors you need to take into consideration prior undergoing mommy makeover surgery. Some of these factors include how post-pregnancy procedures would affect your life and the body parts you want to target.

Ideal candidates

If you have been able to get rid of excessive weight after pregnancy, however are not able to eliminate stubborn fat deposits and sagging skin, you are perhaps the right candidate for several cosmetic procedures that are integrated into the treatment plans for Mommy Makeover. Also, it is not necessary that you have to undergo this procedure soon after the child birth. You can opt for this procedure even after a few years of pregnancy. If you think that it is not the right option for you right now then you can wait until your children grow older.

Mommy makeover treatment plans are ideal for women who not only give birth normally, but also for those who underwent Caesarean. As a matter of fact, if you have sagging and scarring skin because of C-section, then this surgery can be the best way to address these blemishes problem. In addition, if you have given birth to twins or triplets or have hernia around naval, a cosmetic surgeon can repair this damage at the same time when cosmetic enhancements are being made.

In order to be considered as an ideal candidate for Mommy Makeover, you should be at least 18 years of age and in overall good health. Also, you should not be planning more children. And, even if you become pregnant again, mommy makeover surgery will affect neither your child nor health. However, it can reverse the outcomes of your cosmetic surgery procedures.

Combination of Mommy Makeover Treatments

As slated above, mommy makeover is a combination of different treatment procedures such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and liposuction. It is only after examining a patient that the cosmetic surgeon would recommend the best procedures for an individual.

Cost of the Mommy Makeover

The cost of mommy makeover in India depends on several factors such as technology used, experience and expertise of the surgeon, body type and the procedures included in the treatment plan. At COSMECTO, we help you choose cosmetic surgeons who perform mommy makeover surgery at reasonable cost.