Mesotherapy / Stem Cell Therapy

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Mesotherapy / Stem Cell Therapy

Alopecia, also known as baldness or hair loss, is one of the most common problems affected by both men and women. People who suffer from hair loss start losing hair from the body and the scalp. There are many people across the globe that experiences this problem. Although the problem is faced by both men and women however the pattern of hair fall varies. Usually, when it comes to baldness, it is described as male pattern baldness in particular – total or partial lack of hair on the scalp with no or limited hair growth at all. There are several treatment options but the one which has gained immense popularity in recent times is Mesotherapy for hair loss.

Before proceeding with Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss, we believe you should know bit more about hair loss. In most cases, it is characterized by receding hair line, thinning crown and patchy hair loss and it occurs because of intake of steroids, unhealthy lifestyle practices, pregnancy in women, ageing, poor health care practices, physiological and psychological stress, hair styling habits and compulsive hair pulling disorder, to name a few.

Mesotherapy for hair loss treatment – what exactly it is?

It has emerged as an alternative treatment that helps in curing baldness in both females and males by promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss and slowing male pattern baldness. It is a medical process that helps in regulating the nutrients, proteins and vitamins levels as well as growth factors in the patient’s scalp. This is done by injecting the nutrient boosters in the scalp of the patient. This is the least painful treatment for hair loss. An injection is administered into the scalp of the patient using a gun. The nutrients hydrate and nourish the scalp. In addition, it also includes eliminating infections, initiating cell metabolism and accelerating and promoting hair growth, improving blood circulation in the scalp, reviving and strengthening the hair follicles for creating healthy, strong, dense, long and voluminous tresses. This is a much faster treatment than other counterparts because it helps in gradual restoration of hormonal balance and neutralization of the DHT hormone effects causing acceleration of the growth of new hair strands.

Method behind Mesotherapy for hair growth

Mesotherapy treatment in Delhi can help you achieve desired hair growth. When you schedule an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon through Cosmecto, you can be assured to get the most effective results. Hair transplant surgeons working with us have expertise in preforming Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss.

The technique for Mesotherapy treatment involves injecting nutrient rich liquid in the scalp’s mesoderm that is the layer under the epidermis that serves as a link between the layers of the tissues of the skin and fat. The procedure is performed using a special Mesotherapy gun that has a sterile needle for injecting the solution in the scalp. The entire treatment lasts over eight sessions. You have to spare out sixty to ninety minutes every week for this treatment. If you are considering this treatment then be patient as results would be visible only after fifth or sixth session.

The basis of the treatment substance injected during the Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss depends on the cause of the hair fall. Since the substance injected usually comprise of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other friendly materials, this is often considered as a safe treatment with neither allergic reactions nor side-effects.

The patients, who choose this treatment for hair loss, experience minimal or no pain and discomfort making it an ideal solution for the problem of hair loss, however those who suffer from haemophilia, skin ailments, pregnant women, diabetes and dermal infections should avoid the Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss because chances are that might deteriorate and hamper your health condition. Yet another problem that this treatment can solve is dandruff. However, it should only be used in sever dandruff problems that too only after seeking the advice of the expert cosmetologist or hair transplant surgeon.

The cost for Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss is affordable as cosmetic surgeons working with us offer customized treatment. Affordable treatment does not mean quality and care would be compromised.