Lower Body Lift

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Lower Body Lift

Natural process of ageing, significant weight loss and weight fluctuation leads sagging of skin in the parts below the waistline. This is when you can choose to undergo lower body lift, a cosmetic procedure which sculpts and tightens the abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks, inner thigh, back of the thighs and hips. Loose skin that appears unsightly or causes issues of mobility is also removed during the surgery. This is the right procedure for you if you are close to your ideal body weight and might want to follow an upper body lift surgery.

We, at COSMECTO, are associated with some of the most renowned and reputed cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who have expertise in performing lower body lift. Medically known as belt lipectomy, the procedure is popular among many people who want to improve the shape of their lower body areas. We understand that patients who are considering this procedure should be aware of its benefits and risks. Thus, we schedule an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon so that you can understand the procedure before making any decision.

How is the surgery performed?

When you choose to undergo a complete lower body lift, you have an advantage of treating the thighs, wait, abdomen and hips in one procedure. The lower body lift extends the tummy tuck incision around the lower torso that lets the surgeon re-suspend or lift the thighs and tighten the buttock along with performing the traditional tummy tuck surgery. The pattern and length of the incision depend on the amount of the extra skin to be removed and where the skin is located. Here is atypical method of performing this surgery; your surgeon might use a variation too:

  • The cosmetic surgeon will create a circumferential incision extending around the torso, through which an apron of excess fat and skin is removed and reposition and tighten the tissues.
  • The remaining skin in the thighs and buttocks would be pulled upward and remaining underlying tissues and skin would be suspended and tightened. During the surgery, you will be positioned either on our side or on your tummy.
  • Once your sides and back have been addressed, you will be positioned on your back so that the front side of your body can be treated.
  • Now there are two options available that your surgeon will discuss with you before proceeding with the procedure, during initial consultations. While one option is to perform lower body lift in conjunction with tummy tuck, the other is to combine it with an inner thigh lift, in case you have already undergone abdominoplasty or your tummy does not need contouring.
  • The incisions will be closed in several layers over drains for controlling swelling and stretching. Deep support sutures within the underlying tissues help in forming newly shaped contours. Tapes, sutures or skin adhesive are used for closing the skin incisions.

What will the lower body lift scars and incisions are like?

The incisions that are used for this surgery are permanent and scars are noticeable around the lower trunk. The scar is placed lower on the abdomen, right above the pubic hair area and extends towards the hip bones. As far as scars placement is considered, it depends on how you dress. Scars consequential to this surgery can be easily hidden.

Lower body lift cost

The cost of the belt lipectomy in Delhi varies from patient to patient and the technique used for performing it. When we schedule an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon, make sure you discuss all aspects involving the surgery. The surgeon would discuss the entire surgical procedure along with the associated cost. This would help you in making the right decision.