Liposuction (Body Shaping)

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Liposuction (Body Shaping)

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure which aims at sculpting the body and eliminating unwanted pockets fat and skin resistant to diet and exercise. The surgery targets different body parts such as thighs, love handles, buttocks, ankles, calves, breasts, saddlebags, neck, arm, back and hips. It is also performed on male breasts. It is often that the cosmetic surgeons combine this procedure with other surgeries to reach the desired shape. If you are considering body shaping then liposuction is the best answer. You can contact us and we can schedule an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon who has experience and expertise in performing body shaping liposuction.

In this surgery, the cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat deposits by suctioning it out with cannula. In recent years, it has emerged as one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. Altered food habits, demanding and hectic lifestyle and sedentary habits often are the reason for disproportionate food habits. The excess deposit of fat, over the period of time, make people sick increasing the chances of developing deranged lipid profile, snoring, diabetes, blood pressure that might trigger cardiac problems. If the condition is ignored, it can cause loosening and sagging of skin creating stretch marks. Localized deposits of fat are difficult to move. This is when you can choose to undergo liposuction for reshaping body.

The cost of the liposuction surgery in Delhi depends on the cosmetic surgeon you choose, type of method used for the surgery, whether it is performed as a standalone procedure or a combination of procedures is done.

Purpose of liposuction for body

The main purpose of this cosmetic procedure is to enhance the contour of legs, saddle bags, arms, body, chest, buttocks, tummy and hips. It will give your body a better shape. Weight loss would occur owing to removal of fat, in proportionate to the quantity of fat deposits removed.

The procedure for liposuction

Though you might find the purpose and concept of this surgery is simple, however it has its own risks and complications just like any other surgical procedure. The cosmetic surgeons based in Delhi can help you get the most effective and excellent results. COSMECTO works in close association with some of the renowned cosmetic surgeons who have expertise in performing liposuction surgery. each procedure might vary on the type of liposuction to be performed and area to be treated, however most liposuction procedures follow the same outline.


It can be performed under general or local anesthesia. With local anesthesia, the anesthetist would numb the area that has to be treated and you will be conscious during the entire surgery. On the other hand is general anesthesia that will put you to sleep during the surgery. Even after gaining consciousness, you will feel numbness in the operated area. After consulting the cosmetic surgeon, you will get to know the type of anesthesia that best works for you.

Making the incisions

After anesthesia is given and, if the need be, fluid is injected; the next step involves creating incisions in the areas from where the fat deposits have to be removed. These incisions are small in size, ranging from a quarter to a third of an inch.

Removing fat deposits

Now the cosmetic surgeon would insert a thin vacuum tube, known as cannula, through the incisions made into the deep layer of fat. The cannula would be moved back and forth by the surgeon for breaking fat cells, and, with the assistance of a vacuum pump or attached syringe, the fat would be suction out. In this process, a significant amount of blood as well as other body fluids are removed from the body hence you will get replacement fluids through intravenous during and after the surgery.

Closing the incisions

This depends on the cosmetic surgeon you choose. While some surgeons close incisions with a few stitches, other left it open to avoid bruising and swelling that might occur after the liposuction procedure.