Laser Hair Loss Therapy

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Laser Hair Loss Therapy

Hair loss is a common problem that has affected people across all age groups. Most people try several methods before choosing cosmetic hair loss treatment. of all methods to treat hair loss, it is the Laser Hair Loss Therapy that has gained immense popularity among people. When performed in conjunction with other proven hair loss treatment products like Rogaine® and Propecia®, this hair loss treatment can give outstanding results. Some patients who have undergone this treatment have not only been able to stop the problem of hair loss but also grow thicker hair. If you are considering this treatment then Cosmecto can help you consult the best hair transplant surgeon for the same.

Types of laser hair loss treatment in Delhi

Here we bring to you the different types of laser hair loss treatments that can help in stopping the hair loss. During the consultation with the hair transplant surgeon, he will determine the system that best suits the needs of a patient.

Laser Luce LDS 100®

It is one of the most effective hair loss treatment systems that can stimulate growth in nearly 70 percent of hair in their resting phase. In this procedure, blood flow to the scalp is increased so that hair follicles can absorb more nutrients and paves way for healthy growth of hair. During this treatment, the patient has to sit under a dome shaped apparatus that is lined with flashing low energy laser lights. This light energy is absorbed through the skin for stimulating the deeper tissues and blood supply of the scalp. Patients have to undergo a series of sessions of this laser hair loss therapy to achieve remarkable results.

Therapy with any laser hair restoration procedure including Laser Luce LDS 100® is usually combined with several other effective hair loss remedies given that a multi-pronged approach has established far superior and better results to treatment programs that include only one kind of non-invasive therapy.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Also known as LLLT, it is a general term that describes any type of laser treatment or photo therapy that does not break the skin. It is often called therapeutic laser therapy, soft laser or low-power laser, Low-Level Laser Therapy is administered to scalp and improves the health of the existing hair and promote new hair growth.

The principles behind laser hair loss therapy are similar to those behind several other effective methods of tissue and wound healing and pain reduction. By stimulating the supply of blood in the scalp with the right and required wavelength of light, laser hair loss treatment enhances the activity of cells so that more nutrients can reach hair follicles thus improving the growth of the hair. Because of the additional skin repairing properties, this particular system might also be used for healing the scalp after hair transplant surgery.

PRP hair loss therapy

What is it?

It is an advanced and innovative treatment for hair loss. Platelet releases granules that comprise of growth factors for encouraging the inflammatory cascade and healing process. Blood comprise of 6 percent platelets while PRP has significantly better supra-physiological platelet concentration level. Both men and women can undergo this treatment. The main benefit of Platelet Rich Plasma in hair restoration is stimulation of new implanted or inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase.

Benefits for PRP

  • New growth of hair can be seen within two months of the treatment
  • It is non-invasive
  • Only two to three sittings are required over the time of six months
  • Given that it is based on growth factors from the platelets, it is purely a natural treatment
  • As PRP is made from the own blood of the patient, chances of infections and allergies reduce considerably.
  • It is cost-effective as well as quick.

Irrespective of whether you want to undergo laser hair loss therapy or PRP treatment, we can help schedule an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon who has expertise in performing these treatments.