Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer

Also known as fat injection or fat grafting, fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure which transfers fat from the areas where you have excess deposit of fat like the outer thigh and injects into those body parts that might be lacking volume such as your breasts, buttocks, hands, face or breasts. This well-tolerated, safe and long-lasting procedure gives natural-looking results. Each passing year thousands of people undergo fat transfer and are pleased with the results.

Benefits of fat transfer surgery

  • The results of this surgery are sage, long lasting and natural
  • Autologous fat that is fat from your own body, contrasted with the derma fillers, replaces ‘like with like’, decreasing the possibilities of allergic reactions to foreign substance.
  • It is a non-invasive technique for achieving facial rejuvenation
  • How is fat grafting surgery performed?

    Fat is harvested from one part of the body and then washed and purified. It is then carefully re-injected with especially designed needles into those body parts that require augmentation. It might happen so that the procedure is repeated several times for achieving the desired results. This procedure can be explained in three steps – harvesting, purification and transfer followed by placement.


    The patient along with the assistance of the cosmetic surgeon would choose the area for fat removal and would inject it with a local anesthesia. Then a small incision would be created in that particular area for removing fat deposits. Using a sterile method, a cannula is inserted that is connected to a syringe for extracting fat.

    Purification and transfer

    Once enough fat is acquired from the donor site, it would be processed for preparing the fat cells for transfer to small sized syringes that would be used for fat injection. Purification might need the usage of a centrifuge for spinning the filtration process or fat for removing impurities.


    The site where transfer would be done is then prepared by the cosmetic surgeon. A cannula or needle would be inserted into the incision mark of the site that has to be augmented. The injection needed is passed in and out of the sites to be augmented several times. Each time the cannula or needle is withdrawn, a line of fatty tissue is deposited in the natural tissue planes. This procedure is repeated many times until the desired correction is made creating a grid of grafted fat. Some cosmetic surgeons recommend massaging the area where fat is transferred to achieve the desired contours while others prefer relying on the placement method for creating the apt contour. The cosmetic surgeon might also place a bandage or dressing over the grafted site.

    The main goal of the cosmetic surgeon and the entire staff at the hospital is to help you achieve the most natural looking and beautiful results. Also, they leave no stone unturned to make your surgical experience as comfortable and easy as possible.


    The primary purpose of fat grafting is to fill or augment the volume deficient areas. Commonly injected or grafted areas include the face (including the lips), the buttock and the breast (augmentation), hands and the depressions in the skin (following scarring and liposuction). Of course, if you are considering this procedure then you should have donor areas from which the fat can be extracted. The candidate for this procedure should not have any kind of circulation problems either from smoking or medical condition.

    When it comes to the fat grafting cost in Delhi, India, the cost varies and depends on several factors. At Cosmecto, we schedule an appointment with the cosmetic surgeons who can explain the entire procedure to you. our associated cosmetic surgeons would help you understand the factors that can influence the cost of the surgery.