Facial Implants ( Cheek and Chin )

Also known as cheek implants or chin implants, the main goal of facial implants is to rejuvenate, reconstruct or augment the facial contours. They are easily available in different styles and sizes and help in restoring contour or proportion to your face. These can also be used for augmenting the jaw and chin, for supplementing the tear trough area or for providing the sculpted cheek bones that you have been craving for.

When can you consider undergoing the facial implant surgery?

  • In case you have a receding and weak chin and want to make it projecting and enhance your jawline
  • If you want to correct facial deformities or asymmetry consequential to any congenital conditions or injury
  • If you want to restore proportion and contour to the facial structures made deficient by the natural process of ageing
  • If you want to improve the fullness as well as definition of your cheeks

Candidacy for the procedure

Listed below are some reasons when you would like to consider undergoing facial implant for cheek and chin:

  • You want to restore proportion and contour to the facial structure that has become deficient by the ageing process
  • You have weak or an undefined jawline that does not distinguish your neck or help in framing your face
  • As slated above, if you have a receding and weak chin and want to enhance the appearance of overall profile by increasing the chin’s projection
  • You want to improve the fullness and definition of your cheeks
  • You want to rectify the facial deformities consequential to congenital conditions and injury

It is important to know that there are several alternatives that can change the structure of the face. In addition to the facial implants, the cosmetic surgeon at COSMECTO may also discuss other options such as bone repositioning, facial implant horns, dermal grafting, fat grafting and bone grafting.

You are the right candidate for this surgery if you have good health, realistic expectations and positive attitude.

How is the entire surgery performed?

Before you choose to undergo the procedure, it is important to have an idea about how it is performed. The procedure of placing implants has a similar pattern for all facial parts. Although facial implants surgeon at COSMECTO would describe the procedure, here is a gist.

  • Surgical markings are made on the face for assisting the surgeon while placing implants. In addition, these markings also indicate the location of the underlying structures that have to be avoided.
  • The patient is positioned in face-up on the operating table. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia along with a local anesthesia.
  • Then the surgeon makes a small incision near the place where implants are inserted.
  • A pocket is then created in the facial tissue in which the implant is inserted.
  • Generally, the implant is inserted making use of the sterilized clamp.
  • Finally, the incision is closed with sutures and either taped or bandaged.

What are the options?

Nose reshaping surgery can be performed for modifying size, shape and overall appearance of the nose. In some cases, a cosmetic surgeon might recommend insertion of chin plant at the same time. This would help in balancing facial features in a much better way. Patients of nose job ask their cosmetic surgeon to:

Facial implants for cheek and chin are available in solid silicone rubber. Standard four mm commercial shells are apt for producing natural augmentation results in most patients. For those who want a more subtle effect, opt for three mm shell. Contrary to it, patients who want more dramatic effect, and thus prefer five or six mm shell. Also, custom-designed implants are also created however are more expensive and time-consuming.

At COSMECTO we make sure that patients who choose us for facial implant surgery get the most effective results. You can compare facial cheek and chin implants before and after photos. The cost of the entire surgery varies from one patient to the other and also on several factors. To find out more about the procedure, visit us or drop an email in case of any query or concern.

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