Eyebrow Lift

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Eyebrow Lift

Often, the forehead and eyes are the first areas to show the earliest signs of ageing such as heaviness of the eyebrow, wrinkles, fine lines and frown lines. Few people also develop “worry lines” or deep lines on their forehead. With the advancement in the cosmetic surgery procedures, it is now possible to get rid of these signs of ageing. At COSMECTO, we have expertise in performing eyebrow lift surgery, also known as forehead lift. We make sure that patients who choose us for this cosmetic procedure get the most excellent and pleasing results.

It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures that removes the lines portraying unintended emotions and elevates the drooping eyebrows giving the face a much youthful and refreshing look. The procedure aims at targeting wrinkles and loose skin on the forehead, thus it is also often referred to the upper face lift procedure. It takes around three to four hours to complete the entire procedure and is usually performed under either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with mild sedation.

Who is the right candidate for this procedure?

An increasing number of people in India as well as abroad is opting for this procedure to attain a much youthful appearance. Those, whose eyebrows portray emotions that you do not intend to, have low or straight eyebrows making you appear much older than actual age then you are the right candidate for this procedure. Also, one should have realistic approach and be emotionally and physically healthy and have positive attitude towards the procedure.


It is performed by making incisions above the ears at the scalp top that is hidden in the hair or in an inconspicuous area in case hairline is receding or patient is suffering from hair loss. The cosmetic surgeon removes, modifies and re-drapes the skin after removing excess muscles and fat deposits. The results of the procedure are excellent with patients achieving elevated eyebrows and a smooth forehead. As a result, eyes also appear awake, more open and attractive. As far as approach for the endoscopic brow lift is considered, it includes making four to five incisions in the hair line and altering and re-draping the skin of the forehead for removing the lines and wrinkles.


When it comes to the recovery, you can resume daily activities within ten to fifteen days of the surgery. However, make sure that you do not get involved in strenuous activities and work for six to seven weeks. Adhere to the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon for timely and quick recovery.

Expected results

The results of the eyebrow lift are appealing giving a fresh, new and youthful appearance. You will appear relaxed and younger. The newly acquired arches on the eyebrows on smooth forehead will make you look pleasant.

Time and cost

You are required to stay at hospital overnight. The cost for eyebrow lift in India is affordable making it a popular cosmetic surgery among people across all walks of life. There are different factors that determine the eyebrow lift surgery price in India. COSMECTO ensures that the entire procedure is tailored according to the individual needs of a patient that too within a reasonable price bracket.

Undergoing eyebrow lift would benefit you in different ways. If your eyebrows are sagging with the outer part affected greatly and this has changed the shape of your eyes then eyebrow lift procedure can help you regain almond shaped eyes. The entire procedure is designed to rejuvenate the appearance of eyebrows by elevating them to a more aesthetically pleasing position. Schedule an appointment if you think that eyebrow lift is the answer to your problem.