Post Burn Scars and Constructive Correction

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Post Burn Scars and Constructive Correction

Burn injuries are not only the most painful injuries but also painful is the impressions they leave on the skin in the form of the scar. The after-effects of the burn injuries can be frustrating and disturbing. Bringing back the actual skin is a challenge for the doctors. If you are also suffering from this condition and want to bring back the skin it was then Post Burn Scars and Contracture Correction is the best option for you. We, at COSMECTO, work with cosmetic surgeons who have expertise in performing this type of surgery. You can be assured to get the best facilities and quality care and treatment when you choose the surgeon through us. The results of the surgery are satisfactory and pleasing helping you regain self-confidence and self-esteem.

What exactly are post-burn scars and contractures?

Usually, burn injuries are deeper in the skin and thus difficult to heal. In case, injuries are at superficial level, they leave scars on the skin even after complete healing. Deeper burns, also known as second degree burns also have a deep impact and take long time to heal. Although the team of doctors strives hard to minimize the presence of scars by suggesting physical therapy and application of ointments, some cases just need cosmetic surgery to get rid of those scars completely.

Scarring is the process that helps in healing burn wounds. However, the appearance of the scars on the skin can affect you adversely. Contractures, on the other hand, refer to the restriction of movement that occurs because of the healing procedure of burn wounds. It is a known fact that burn injuries take a long time to heal as it involved growth and replacement of the damaged skin. The entire process is not only time-consuming but also involves dehydration of skin and tissues consequential to contractures and deformation. There is stiffness to the joints and muscles and restriction of movements that could be the after-effect of contractures. Post burn contracture release surgery can help a person overcome the condition.

Treatment for burn deformities

Keloid scars – These are itchy and thick tissues that can be seen around the wound edges.

Hypertrophic scars - Although similar to keloid scars, the only difference is that they appear in wound boundaries.

Burn deformities and contractures – These deformities occur when a wound gets healed and in this process of healing, the surrounding skin gets pulled thus becoming tight. The result is the movement restriction and deformity. The treatment becomes must for restoring the functional movement. The treatment depends on the type of scar and may vary from simple to critical and complicated.

The cosmetic surgeon associated with COSMECTO performs the treatment on the basis of the patient’s need. The burn plastic surgery can be performed under either local or general anesthesia.

Skin grafting – It is considered when there is a severe damage to the skin and there is no option left than grafting the healthy skin taken from some other body part.

Laser surgery – It has emerged as one of the most popular methods for treating burn injuries. It has gained immense popularity because of the speedy recovery and ease of use. The cosmetic surgeon makes use of different types of lasers for making the skin flat, smooth so that natural contour of the skin can be regained.

Tissue expansion – This burn cosmetic surgery is performed when the burn injury is extremely deep. The existing tissues in the affected area are expanded and increased to reconstruct it.

Skin flap – This is yet another popular treatment performed when the injury is deep. Besides skin, blood vessels and fat tissues and in rare cases, the muscles are also taken and grafted on the affected site.

We understand that reconstruction of the post-burn scars and contractures is definitely not an easy thing however the cosmetic surgeons associated with have expertise in performing burn surgery procedures for different parts such as hand, leg, arm etc.