Breast Reduction or Mammaplasty

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Breast Reduction or Mammaplasty

Are you unhappy with the overly size of your breasts? Have you heard of breast reduction surgery? We are COSMECTO one of the leading and renowned names in the world of cosmetic surgery procedures. We are based in Delhi, India and associated with experienced cosmetic surgeon who has skills to perform to different cosmetic procedures. And, choosing us for the breast reduction surgery would help you get firmer and better shaped bosoms.

Medically known as reduction mammaplasty, the primary goal of this cosmetic procedure is to reduce the breast size and reshape them so that they appear proportionate to the rest of your body. Also, overly sized breasts can cause discomfort. It is a commonly performed procedure which comes with dual benefits of relieving the emotional and physical burden of large breasts while improving the overall appearance.

When is the time to consider mammaplasty surgery?

  • If your one breast is much larger than the other
  • If you think that your breast size is too large for your body frame and cause shoulder, neck and back pain
  • If you are self-conscious and unhappy with the appearance of your breasts
  • If your breasts are heavy with areolas and nipples pointing downwards

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

The entire treatment procedure for breast reduction lasts for three to five hours and often a patient has to stay overnight at the hospital. There are three incisions that are made while performing the procedure. After removing excess skin, fat and tissue, the areola and nipple are shifted to a higher position. Also, the areolas might be reduced in size. Skin located above nipple is brought down for reshaping the breast. Liposuction might also be used for improving the contour underarm.

  • The cosmetic surgeon would make use of a surgical marker on the skin for indicating where the areas where incisions will be made. These markings are important as the shape of your breasts change once you have undergone this procedure.
  • Usually the surgery is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The pattern of incisions depends on the breast size, the position of nipple and areolas and how much is breast sagging. With each method, the size of areolas can be made smaller if they are very large. An areolatome, commonly known as ‘cookie cutter’ is used as a circular template for making the new size. The diameter of cookie cutter ranges between thirty-eight to forty-five millimeters. Listed below are some common incision patterns.
  • Periareolar incision or donut incision is created only around the areolas border.
  • Microincisions are used for breasts that are fatty however do not sag. Liposuction method is used for decreasing the breast size. Small incisions allow the cannula to enter the breast.
  • An anchor incision is mostly commonly made and involves three different cuts. One incision is made around areolas border. Second along the breast crease and the third extends down vertically from the areolas right to the crease of the breast.
  • A keyhole incision is made around the areolas border and vertically down from the areolas to the crease of the breast.
  • The surgeon would remove the excess deposits of fat and skin using a scalpel and cautery instrument on the basis of the breast size you want. If breasts are uneven, the plastic surgeon might remove more tissue from one breast only. Then the remaining fat and skin is reshaped for creating a more youthful shape while moving the nipple-areola to a higher position.
  • Drains are placed for collecting excess fluid.
  • Finally, incisions will be closed with sutures that go from the deep tissue layers to the superficial layers.

At COSMECTO, we strive to ensure that our patients feel comfortable. The cost of the breast reduction surgery depends on several factors and varies form one patient to the other.