Breast Lift Surgery

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Breast Lift Surgery

Breasts lose their shape and firmness because of weight loss, with age and following breast feeding and pregnancy. Loss of skin elasticity along with loss of volume makes your breast appear drooping. The areola and nipple changes their position and start looking downwards. A breast lift surgery can help you get the right shape back. It addresses the problem of uneven and sagging breasts, stretching areolas, drooping nipples and decreased volume of breast lifting your breasts and recreating a youthful shape.

Medically known as Mastopexy, it is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in India that has helped many women regain their youthful appearance. Implants are used for replacing the loss of volume. Pregnancy after undergoing breast lift would cause the breasts to enlarge further and a well-supporting bra might help.

When can you consider undergoing Mastopexy?

  • Normal and natural process of ageing, pregnancy, weight loss or gain, nursing, heredity and gravity often take a toll on the shape of your breasts causing sagging
  • If the cosmetic surgeon you have chosen thinks that implants alone are unlikely to achieve the shape and contour you want
  • In case the tissue surrounding the areola or the nipple has become stretched

Advantages of Mastopexy

  • You will look and feel better in and out of clothes and feel self-confident
  • Your breasts will start appearing more youthful
  • You will have better and improved breast symmetry, shape and projection

How is breast lift surgery performed?

The entire breast lift procedure is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Make sure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose is experienced and trained to perform Mastopexy in Delhi. There are different methods for removing breast skin and then reshaping the breast determines the location where incisions have to be made. These incisions might lead to scars. The method is chosen on the basis of the areola position and size, skin elasticity and quality, breast shape and size and degree of breast sagging and how much extra skin a patient has.

During the surgery:

  • The cosmetic surgeon would remove the excess breast skin and then shift the areola and nipple to a higher place.
  • In case your areola has become stretched, it can now be reduced to a smaller size.
  • Skin that was formerly above the areola is now brought down and together, below the breast for reshaping the breast.
  • Now the excess skin will be removed and the incisions would be closed by the surgeon following the skin tightening, sewing the breast back together and then placing sutures deep in the tissues of the breasts for supporting the new position for a longer time.
  • Usually the scars are hidden under the breasts, although some light scarring might be visible on top of the breast.
  • The areolas and nipples remain attached to underlying tissue mounds and this lets the preservation of sensation and the ability to breastfeed.
  • In some cases, it is possible to avoid making incisions horizontally below the breasts as well as vertically that runs from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease of the breast. In case you are an ideal candidate for a modified method, it will be discussed by the surgeon.

For fast recovery and healing, make sure that you adhere to the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon. Avoid doing exercise. Bruising and swelling would subside within a few weeks.

The cost of breast lift surgery in India depends on several factors. To get the best results, make sure not to make any decision on the basis of the low priced surgery, the advertisements you might come across. At Cosmecto, we have kept the breast lift surgery cost affordable so that maximum patients can benefit from it.