Eyebrow Lift Surgery – Wondering How Much you have to Pay?

Eyebrow Lift Surgery

With the natural process ageing, wrinkles and lines form on the forehead because of regular movement of muscle making people appear much older than their actual age. In addition, those vertical lines between the brows make a person appear angry, unapproachable, unpleasant or stressed. Fortunately, you can now turn back the clock by choosing a cosmetic surgeon who has expertise in performing eyebrow lift surgery. The surgery would help you achieve youthful, fresh-faced and smooth look.

By removing deep groves or deep wrinkles on the forehead and repositioning the brow line to the right position, you can take years off your face. There are different types of brow lift surgeries catering to the needs of patients. If you are interested in this procedure and wondering about the eyebrow lift surgery cost in India then keep reading.

The fees

When it comes to eyebrow lift, there are three basic fees involved.

  • First, the fees of the facility of the hospital where the procedure will be performed
  • Second, the anesthesia fee;
  • Third, the fees of the surgeon who will be performing the surgery

In addition to these above mentioned, there miscellaneous expenses too that a patient has to pay separately. These include items like post-surgical supplies, medications and medical tests. You will need medicines and post-surgery supplies as part of the recovery process. Make sure that you ask chosen cosmetic surgeon for complete breakdown of the cost involving brow lift surgery.

Other factors influencing the cost

There are several variables that affect the amount of each of these fees that makes it slightly difficult to estimate the total cost of the brow lift without having complete knowledge of all the details of a particular case. Location is one of the main factors when it comes to this procedure. The surgery becomes expensive in major cities. As a matter of fact, even within the same metropolitan region, different hospitals or surgical facilities might have different fees structure.

Along with these general factors, the specific situation of a patient can also affect the overall brow lift cost in Delhi.While most procedures are performed as outpatient surgeries, in case a patient has to stay overnight in hospital then the cost might go up. Also, the same surgeon might charge different fee for open and endoscopic brow lifts, or base the price on the intricacy of the surgery.a longer surgical duration also means an increased fee whereas a shorter and simpler eyebrow lift would be least expensive.

It is important to note that the fee of the surgeon is not only based on the procedure but also the experience and accreditations one possess. A board-certified, experienced and highly qualified surgeon would command higher fee than the less experience counterpart. However, paying high fee in this case is worth as chances of excellent results are high when you choose an experienced and board-certified surgeon. An experienced surgeon would recommend the technique on the basis of patient’s condition. This would decrease the chances of developing complications. Never ever choose a cosmetic surgeon on the basis of cost, or you might not get the outcomes you desire.

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