Belly Button Surgery – Most trending in 2018

Belly Button Surgery

Nobody had ever thought that the humble belly button will become a cosmetic surgery trend. But it is true. In order to get their perfect stomach, girls are now asking the cosmetic surgeons to give their belly buttons an aesthetic look.  The surgeon resizes and reshapes the naval area. The surrounding skin around the naval area is stretched or removed to give the button a new look.

Reasons for the trend

Recently, the popularity of belly button surgery has increased tremendously. Eminent cosmetic surgeons have confessed that they have more demands for the cosmetic surgery of the naval area than ever before in 2018.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has said that in 2017, abdominoplasty was the fourth most popular surgery procedure, Umbilicoplasty included.

One of the reasons cited for this trend is that people are sharing their pictures of stomachs on social media. They want to look perfect. So, they want their belly buttons to be perfectly in shape.

Another reason attributed to the rise in belly button surgery is that rise in active wear. This wear has compelled young people to have a toned figure, which they want to achieve through the surgical procedure. Therefore, women are now more worried about their appearance of the naval area and not just how their face looks. Also, the belly button area cannot be given a right shape using diet and exercise.

What is belly button surgery?

The surgery is also known as Umbilicoplasty. The surgeon can reshape and resize your navel. Those belly buttons that looks too large can be made smaller. The surgeon removes additional belly button skin. This way, the abdominal area around the belly button is tightened.  If the belly button is too small, the skin around it is gently stretched to make it look larger. The surgeons can also repair any undesirable development happening on the naval button due to previous piercings.

Many people go for umbilical hernia repair. Under this surgery procedure, an outwardly bulging naval can be reshaped. In this condition, the tissue, which is usually fat, makes the belly button look bulgy and outward. The surgeon fixes this issue by repairing the hole in the abdominal wall.

Sometimes, navel surgery procedures are offered to the patients as part of their tummy tuck surgery and other abdominal-related surgeries. Many women undergo tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy and agreed to have naval button surgery as well.  During the abdominal related surgery, the surgeon tightens abdominal muscles. At that time, they may also a reshaped belly button.

Some concerns rose

While young people are demanding that the stomach area should be restructured, there are some concerns too. A concern that experts are worried about is that the trend is putting unnecessary pressure on the young people. They look for an idealized look. But, there is some health risk also associated with the surgery. Many cosmetic surgeries related to lip and thighs have gone wrong.

Young individuals are consistently bombarded with the pictures of ideal bodies of models and celebrities. But such bodies do not naturally come to most of the common people. Consequently, many people are now developing anxiety and complex at a younger age. The experts suggest that there is no point in seeking an imaginary ‘perfect body’. Instead, the focus should be on happiness and health.

Young people should undergo belly button surgery when it is essential to do so. Even when cosmetic reason is involved, make sure that you have addressed the risks and health issues also. Pick an experienced surgeon so that you get the desired shape of the belly button without any health issues.