10 Most Dangerous Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Dangerous Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Each year, people across the globe spend millions of plastic and cosmetic surgeries alone. Even though these surgeries enhance the appearance, the fact that several risks come with them cannot be ignored. Complications and risks range from nerve damage, scarring, and even death. However, which cosmetic surgery carry the maximum risk? Read on 10 most dangerous cosmetic surgeries to know about it.

1. Tummy tuck

Medically known as abdominoplasty, the cosmetic surgery procedure aims at removal of excess fat and skin from the stomach. The remaining skin is then tightened for improving the appearance of the belly. The risks and complications related to this type of procedure include scarring, poor wound healing, seronoma that accumulation of fluid beneath the skin, tissue necrosis that is death of fatty tissue under the skin and numbness.

tummy tuck surgery

Of all the cosmetic surgery procedures, abdominoplasty is consistently counted as one of the most dangerous, even when it is performed by a board-certified, trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

2. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation a surgical procedure for increasing the breast size by placing implants under the chest muscles or breast tissue. Though it is a commonly performed procedure, there are many risks related to it particularly when it is performed by a surgeon without proper certification. These include scar tissue that can distort the shape of the implant, implant rupture or leakage, breast infection or changes in nipple sensation, these can be detrimental.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

3. Butt implants and injections

Also called gluteal augmentation, it is a surgical procedure that involves different surgeries, including placement of a gluteal implant, liposculpture that is transferring fat using liposuction and body contouring.

Several risks are associated with this procedure that varies on how it is done. These risks might include – exposing the implant, seroma, implant rupture, bleeding, implant migration, scarring, pressure on your sciatic nerve and nerve damage.

buttock implant surgery

In the last few years, several cases of butt implants and injections gone wrong have been reported. In some cases, women dying from complications related to both butt injections and implants have been reported too.

4. Liposuction

It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures. It is performed for removing excess fat deposits from underneath the skin making use of suction. Liposuction surgery has the potential to trigger some serious complications such as systemic infections, perforation in the stomach walls, fat clogs in the lungs and blood clots. Many of these risks and complications, especially those that occur simultaneously can be the cause of death.

liposuction surgery

5. Silicone lip injections

Also known as lip augmentation, it aims at improving the appearance of lips by increasing their fullness using silicone. Though some side-effects of this procedure are common, such as bruising, bleeding and swelling, some serious potential can also arise. These might include stiffening of the lip, lip asymmetry, infection, prolonged or severe bruising or swelling, lumps in the lips and scarring.

Silicone lip injections

While injecting anything into the lips can be dangerous, silicone more especially because it can lead to the formation of hard scar tissue, or granulomas that can be disfiguring and painful.

6. Double jaw surgery

It is sometimes performed for correcting potentially serious complications triggering from conditions such as congenital diseases, TMJ, and sleep apnea that can affect the facial appearance. However in some nations, there are many people who embrace this procedure for attaining a more desirable and attractive jaw line.

double Jaw surgery

Some common side-effects related to this surgery include damage to teeth, bleeding, infection, jaw joint problems and decreased blood supply to the jaw segments. According to a study conducted, patients who have undergone this procedure said that they experienced facial numbness long after the surgery was completed.

7. Body lift

One of the most comply performed and popular procedures, body lift, paves way for the finest results. This type of cosmetic procedure involves lifting the buttocks, stomach, genitals and thighs, all at once. It is counted among one of the most complex procedures and nearly fifty percent of people who undergo this surgery would experience some sort of complications. These include fat necrosis, asymmetries, scarring, infection at the area of the surgery, persistent pain, hematoma that is internal bleeding, swelling in the legs, skin loss and pulmonary and cardiac problems.

bodylift surgery

8. Injection Lipolysis

It is one of the most controversial procedures. In this procedure, mixture of drugs is injected into the patient’s affected area with the sole intention of destroying fat cells. Some complications that might trigger from this condition are bleeding from the injected site, formation of solid nodules under the skin, an allergic reaction to the injected substance, diarrhea and nausea. Along with these complications and risks, the FDA has found that the claims related to this procedure are unfounded and misleading.

lipolysis surgery

9. Thread lifts

It is a less invasive procedure when compared to other facelift surgeries because it is done using barb sutures for holding the skin in place than cutting the skin away. However, patients who opt for this procedure are still at the risk of developing complications. The long-term effects of this procedure can include visibility of threads, extensive scarring, appearance of lumps under the skin, puckering skin and discomfort.

thread lift surgery

10. Facial reconstruction

Facial reconstructive procedures involve several areas being treated all at once. These are often considered as very complex procedures. If celebrities are indication, extreme facial reconstructive procedures could have a dramatic impact on your appearance, however not always in a positive and good way.

While some facial procedures are done as an elective choice, meaning more for aesthetic reasons, there are others that are performed after an illness, surgery or trauma that can leave a patient malformed. The face can get affected in terms of functionality and appearance. Experienced and expert cosmetic surgeons can rebuild major facial structures and reshape them as closely as possible to the original appearance.

facial reconstruction

Some procedures performed for reconstructive reasons such as skull base, facial trauma, nose reconstruction and facial reanimation can be dangerous. Also procedures that involve the jaw can be perilous. It is called orthognathic surgery and is complicated because it includes several important blood vessels that sit right beneath the jawbone.

In a nutshell, before you choose to undergo any surgery, make sure you do proper research and discuss all your concerns with the surgeon.

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