Hypospadias Surgery: Types, Causes, and Treatment

Some patients have the urethral opening underside of the penis instead of the natural frontal opening. This condition is known as Hypospadias repair surgery. The urine passes from a tube-like structure called urethra. In some cases, a child may face severe problems from this condition but generally, it does not cause any big issue. Just a small surgical procedure is good enough to bring back the normal course of the urethra. Most of the people have normal urinating and sexual function after the surgery.

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Skin Grafting – Types, Procedure, Treatment, and Recovery

Some patients experience burns or injuries to their skin and it has to be treated properly. An effective treatment is skin grafting. This grafting is a procedure that involves taking skin from one area of the patient’s body and then transplanting it to the affected area of the body. This surgical procedure is a solution when a part of your body has a permanently damaged skin due to injury, burns or even illness.

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Rhinoplasty – A Procedure Popular Among Celebrities

Rhinoplasty Surgery India

Being a celebrity; be it working movies, television or modelling; make for appearance driven careers. How you look determine your career path. This one is the main reasons why celebrities have to put in extra efforts to look good and attractive in public. Times have changed and with it changed the ways in which celebs try to look attractive. One of the most popular and preferred way to maintain and enhance appearance in through cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery – Procedure, Treatment, and Recovery

carpal tunnel release surgery

Carpal tunnel release is a surgical treatment to heal carpal tunnel syndrome which is a painful condition pertaining to the wrists. Once the doctors thought that the syndrome was caused by repetitive motion of the hand or wrist, often due to some nature of a work. But now they know that the main reason behind the syndrome is the smaller carpal tunnel of some people’s hands. But it can also be caused by injuries like a fracture or a sprain. In some cases, the use of a vibrating tool can also cause the syndrome. In other cases, diabetes, pregnancy, thyroid disease, and rheumatoid arthritis are the reasons.

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Belly Button Surgery – Most trending in 2018

Belly Button Surgery

Nobody had ever thought that the humble belly button will become a cosmetic surgery trend. But it is true. In order to get their perfect stomach, girls are now asking the cosmetic surgeons to give their belly buttons an aesthetic look.  The surgeon resizes and reshapes the naval area. The surrounding skin around the naval area is stretched or removed to give the button a new look.

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10 Most Dangerous Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Dangerous Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Each year, people across the globe spend millions of plastic and cosmetic surgeries alone. Even though these surgeries enhance the appearance, the fact that several risks come with them cannot be ignored. Complications and risks range from nerve damage, scarring, and even death. However, which cosmetic surgery carry the maximum risk? Read on 10 most dangerous cosmetic surgeries to know about it.

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Eyebrow Lift Surgery – Wondering How Much you have to Pay?

Eyebrow Lift Surgery

With the natural process ageing, wrinkles and lines form on the forehead because of regular movement of muscle making people appear much older than their actual age. In addition, those vertical lines between the brows make a person appear angry, unapproachable, unpleasant or stressed. Fortunately, you can now turn back the clock by choosing a cosmetic surgeon who has expertise in performing eyebrow lift surgery. The surgery would help you achieve youthful, fresh-faced and smooth look.

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