Bariatric ( Weight-Loss ) Surgery

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Bariatric ( Weight-Loss ) Surgery

There are millions of people across the globe for which chronic obesity is a part of everyday existence. It affects all aspects of their lives, starting from how they measure their own growth to how they perceive themselves and their ability to do basic tasks such as driving and shopping. Along with the physical and psychological hardships triggered by excess weight, the peril of serious health conditions such as certain types of cancer, heart disease blood pressure and diabetes also exist.

If this is also the condition with you then you are the right candidate for bariatric surgery. Also known as weight loss surgery, the main aim of this cosmetic procedure is to offer shape to those who are suffering from chronic obesity. If you are not able to lose excess weight by exercise and diet then just get in touch with COSMECTO as we are associated with some of the leading and renowned cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who have experience and expertise in performing this procedure. Our associated cosmetic surgeon would explain to patients pros and cons related with the bariatric surgery so that making the right decision become easy for them. The results of the surgery are pleasing as patients feel better about their appearance.

Bariatric surgery procedures

There are three types of weight loss surgery procedure, each with its own set of risks and benefits:

Restrictive weight loss surgery

In thus surgical procedure, parts of the stomach are closed either through the use of surgical staples or through the implantation of an adjustable banding device, for decreasing its capacity for food storage. Vertical banded gastroplasty and LAP-BAND System are two common restrictive procedures.

Malabsorptive weight loss surgery

This type of surgery needs permanent structural changes to be made to the anatomy of the digestive system. Malabsorptive methods like biliopancreatic diversion comprise the rerouting of the small intestine for limiting the amount of calories that can be absorbed by the body.

The third method

The third weight loss surgery approach is the combination of the Malabsorptive and restrictive techniques just as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. In this procedure, a smaller sized stomach pouch is created and then the small intestine is rerouted.

Who is the right candidate for bariatric surgery?

The surgery is meant for those people whose body mass index is higher than 40 or with a Body Mass Index which is higher than 35 however with comorbidities like sleep apnea or diabetes. However, it was in February 2011 that the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the LAP-BAND® System to be used in patients whose body mass index is 30 or higher if they have at least one coexisting obesity-related problem.

Results of bariatric weight loss surgery

For those who are considering undergoing this surgical procedure should understand that the significant weight loss needs a lifelong commitment to regular exercise, healthy eating and portion control. Weight-loss surgery is an important mean to promote weight loss, however cannot, produce the lifesaving results that several morbidly obese people look for. It is important to understand that life after this surgery can be difficult, physically and emotionally. Most patients need support from professionals, family and friends. Those who are able to succeed this surgery are able to reach healthier levels and can get rid of comorbidities like Type 2 diabetes.

At COSMECTO, we can schedule an appointment for you with the best bariatric weight loss center in New Delhi, India. We understand that it is the cost of the surgery that sets most people worrying. However, bariatric surgery cost in India is relatively affordable making it possible for many to achieve desired goal of reducing weight.