Arm Shaping Liposuction Surgery

Fat and saggy arms inspire no confidence. For those who think that unsightly arms steal the opportunity to look good in the clothes of choice or are not able to flaunt those toned biceps can choose to undergo arm shaping liposuction surgery. There are many people who despite doing rigorous exercise and diet fail to get rid those pockets of fat in arms. Liposuction of arms refers to the procedure in which a person can get rid of fat deposits in arms that remain despite all attempts to remove it. Each one of us well-toned and shapely arms and arms shaping liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that brings you a step closer to this.

Arms liposuction surgery would help you in getting rid of posterior axillary fat pads that are located behind the arm-pit on the side of the person’s back. In addition, it also helps in eliminating anterior axillary fat pads that are on the chest in front of the arm pit. We, at COSMECTO, are associated with some of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who have expertise in arm shaping and arm toning surgery.

How is the arm liposuction surgery performed?

Otherwise known as the liposuction of arms, it one of the most preferred procedures among ladies. The procedure aims at removing excess deposits of fat from the arms for lessening and reducing the size and volume. At COSMECTO, we are associated with cosmetic surgeons make use of the latest techniques to perform this surgery. Use of Vazer technology and lasers technology dislodges fat that helps in fast draining. The use of latest technology helps in reducing the time taken for performing the procedure. Also, the procedure becomes relatively painless. A small incision is made beneath the skin and then a suction tube is inserted for removing the fats from the affected area. The incision made by the surgeon is not visible and has no to minimal scarring.

Arm liposuction safety

It is relatively a safe procedure and involves no major complexity. At COSMECTO, we strongly believe that our patients who choose this procedure are aware of the detailed procedure before making any decision. The safety of our patients holds paramount value to us. Thus, cosmetic surgeons associated with us make use of the latest technology ensuring that the results of the procedure are outstanding and also the safety of the patients remain intact.


When it comes to the recovery of arms shaping liposuction, it should be considered just like any other lipo treatment. Initially, a patient would be advised not to do any kind of strenuous activities however you can resume daily activities within a day or two. You would be asked to resume light exercises and intake of balanced diets for healthy and fats recovery. You would be able to resume daily life activities soon that too without any stress.

Candidacy for arm shaping liposuction

Liposuction of arms is mainly and exclusively performed on women as they do not want masculine or muscular arms. Also, the fact that fat deposits around arm does not get away with the regular diet and exercise. Women who have bulky arms however otherwise a thin body are a good candidate for this procedure. Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures to make the body appear proportionate and remove undesirable fat deposits. Also, you should have realistic approach and positive attitude towards the results of the procedure.

Cost of arms shaping liposuction surgery

As far as cost of this surgery is considered, it depends on several factors. The skills, experience and knowledge of the cosmetic surgeon along with the type of surgery, whether it would be performed as a standalone procedure or in combination with other procedures are some factors that determine the cost of the surgery.

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